White is the most populous color….









Some people would say that white is a lonely color or that white isn’t even a “color”. What I have discovered is that white is filled with so many reflections that white allows for the opportunity to create mood and emotion in a piece of artwork by picking and choosing which of those reflections to bring forward and which to edit out.

This is a painting that I just finished creating for friends of mine.  It was such a challenge to create the feelings and emotions in painting while using what I used to think was a neutral color.  As always, this work was created using a colored background and composed reductively.  I have discovered there is nothing at all neutral about white.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these specimens. The cool white petals opening themselves to reveal their fiery insides. Quite sexy. I will never tire of being inspired by flowers and their many colors, shapes, forms, and attitudes.


Untitled….for now.



June 3, 2011…Well, it’s a good thing it’s finished and named!  I am calling this QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT which is a terminology that a group of scientists including Albert Einstein initially wrote about.  An old friend of mine mentioned this phrase to me in an email just a short while ago and I started reading about it.  I believe flowers are all connected based on their genus.  We cannot control how far the same seeds will spread in our world.

This work is being included in the NAAC (Northwest Area Arts Council) Member Show which opens tonight at the Dole Mansion at Lakeside Legacy Arts Park, 401 Country Club Drive, Crystal Lake, Illinois.  If you have never seen this show, you really must try.  There are a lot of members of this group and we are each allowed a piece to be included.  It should be a great big show and I’m very excited about being included.

The opening reception is tonight from 5-7:30pm and features appetizers, live music, and cocktails.  I’ll be there and hope you will too!  

Finished?!?!?!  As artists are we ever REALLY finished with a piece of artwork???  This image has adorned my wall as a resource for inspiration for years and my mind since September.  If Mother Nature won’t concede to Spring I shall create my own world!

This is one of my favorite compositions.  With the juxtaposition of the two blossoms…I’m not sure what they represent???