Is a job called a job when you don’t get paid?

So I’ve been online using all my known resources for job searching.   I don’t want to use this blog as a place to gripe about the economy or politics or anything like that…UNLESS there is something that really gets me going.

But, upon graduation I attended a symposium that my school offered to help me get a leg on a career, post education.  Well, it was really useful if you wanted to start your own gallery or business or go all entrepreneurial.  But for finding a job…it was such a waste of time.  The perfect example is the Art Institute of Chicago posts available positions on artist resource sites rather than their own student/graduate available career development website.  Why do you suppose?  Is it too logical to think that a student at the affiliated school would have the chance at a career in it’s attached museum?

Also I have become frighteningly aware that most art jobs (seriously…most) are offered as unpaid internships or volunteer positions.  Do artists not deserve to have a well supplied career path?  At least in business there is a hierarchy in which someone can get into the job and work their way up to the top or at least something they are really happy about.  Since when did it require a degree PLUS experience to land an entry level art job?  I found a posting for a research assistant job at a large museum that required a Master’s Degree…to be a research assistant!  I have a niece who is doing her undergrad in biology to go on to medicine and she has been been a research assistant during her ungrad study.  I just don’t understand.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Hello world!

Well it was just a matter of time before I began blogging….but I would rather call it canvassing.  I am hoping with this blog to clip-clop my way through post college graduation and venture into the entrepreneurial unknown.  I guess it will contain a little of everything but most likely it will be to pass on information I come across in the Metro-Chicago area regarding art.  I seem to always find something trivial that perhaps someone else could use.

I am a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have discovered that while the experience was fabulous, the degree from here doesn’t really provide you with a guaranteed job.  I even had an internship at the David Adler Music and Arts Center creating visual art programs and improving others, but I still feel like I am back at square one looking for a job.  I have discovered that I would like a job back in academia helping others find their way to their dream career..that would be my dream career.

Until I get there, I hope all visitors will help me canvas the road to my dream career and canvas the various topics that I chat up.  Thanks for visiting!

– Catie