Are you ready for the Super Bloom?


According to LA Magazine there is an excellent chance that California will experience it’s second Super Bloom since 2017 with the previous one being  in 2008. These rare wildflower carpeted fields are often caused by a thoroughly wet winter. In Arizona, we are already seeing proof of this on Lone Mountain where my studio space is located. Daily hikes up the mountain have revealed wild poppies, Gravel Ghost, Notchleaf Phacelia, and Brittlebush already in full bloom (see photos below). The white Gravel Ghost flower gets it’s name because the stems are so very thin that from a distance it appears the flowers are floating above the ground. For a botanical artist, all this early color is providing exciting inspiration and raised hope that it will carry over for our blossoming cacti as well! Hoping you will check out the article link and plan a visit to California or the Arizona desert to see this amazing event yourself. You just need to make sure you pack your allergy meds! 🙂



Agavamericana is a recent painting that sold before it was completed. Such an amazing compliment to an artist when a collector can envision the completion of a piece of work and share in the excitement for the completion of it as much as I am.

Carolyn has been a collector of my artwork since I was located in St. Charles on Cedar Avenue. She originally purchased a painting of mine when her daughter had indicated how perfect it would look in her new home in Texas. Shortly after that, Carolyn commissioned a piece as a wedding gift to her daughter that featured her daughter’s wedding bouquet flowers. Now, Carolyn has purchased this piece to hang in her own home! I am thrilled to see it there and honored to have such a supportive collector of my artwork that will last a lifetime.

Skylight Gallery opening tomorrow through Sunday!





















Opening Thursday, September 11th through Sunday, September 14th, from 10am-5pm the Cedar Avenue Studios artists will be featuring their artwork for viewing and sale!

The Skylight Gallery event is part of a larger weekend event being hosted by the St. Charles Arts Council (  The arts council is hosting their annual Charlies Center for the Arts – ALL of the ARTS – ALL over TOWN!  There are so many events going on this weekend in town!!!

Batavia Enterprises, Inc. is the building owner and they were so kind to allow us to utilize a really creative space in the rear of the building at 1020 Cedar Avenue in St. Charles, IL. The space features one large gallery room with 8 smaller rooms that make up one large space.  So, the six of us gathered up all of our artwork and hauled it into the space, hung it up to show the world, and now we are excited to open it to the public.

There is an Artist Reception being held Saturday night, September 13th from 7-10pm.  If you are in the area, please feel free to come on down and get your dessert on while looking at art and hobnobbing with the creatives!  We love everyone and it will be lots of fun…no stuffiness…just fun!  There are also notecards, prints of work, and other goodies available!

For more information: visit

We hope to see you!

Good days and weeks are to be celebrated fiercely!

Come see the actual painting on Friday at Starline Gallery, Harvard, IL…one night only!

As an artist, I find that there is so much of my work that doesn’t occur in studio…but rather in the world doing many things…living a creative life.  For me, it seems seasonal.  Perhaps because my work is botanically influenced, like the flowers and the trees, I feel like I am winding down…looking back at my own years progression establishing stronger roots in the art community and learning of the valuable resources to take advantage of to grow as an artist.  I have weathered some storms…and on some days or weeks I relish in the bright light of sunshine as some things come into play.

A couple of weeks ago I launched an Etsy site (you can link to it HERE) where I have decided to begin selling my photographs that I have taken over the years.  The current offering of photography is based on a hike I took a couple of weeks ago along the historic Fox River in St. Charles, Illinois. Also included on the Etsy site is a yearly calendar that I have put together…utilizing images that I have collected over the years.  The calendars have been very popular and I am hoping to add stationary and notecards as well as much more photography.

This past Friday I was happily featured in the Several Starry Nights blog by Shannon Callarman.  I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon while working the same shift for the St. Charles Art’s Council’s NeXt Gallery located at Charlestowne Mall until October 27th.  Shannon has a drive and passion for the promotion of all things art rarely seen.  She is a very talented writer and I hope you will take the time to visit her blog as well…she has so much to share!

This coming Friday  (the 26th) I will be participating in the final 4th Fridays event at Starline Gallery located in Harvard, Illinois. I have had great fortune at this event and I hope you will free to come and enjoy the festivities.  For a $5 entry there are appetizers and wine and live music!

Yep…all in all…this is a good week with hopes of many more of these to come!  I wish you all a good week too!

2010 Chicago Art Open

Chicago Art Open
Chicago Art Open - River East Art Center 2010

It was so incredible to be chosen to exhibit at the River East Art Center for the 2010 Chicago Art Open hosted by Chicago Artists Coalition.  First of all the River East Art Center is such an exquisite gallery space to visit…but to have work there too…sublime.

Gathered were 350 works of art by various artists with varying degrees of experience and a multitude of media.  It was hung salon style and I was so delighted to see my piece in the center of the wall!!!  There was an entire room of paintings, flanked with rooms filled with mixed media and drawings.  It was all a feast for the eyes.

I’ve personally come to the conclusion, over this past year, that being an artist is similar to what I imagine having a bi-polar disorder would be like.  These past two weeks I have been on such a manic high.  I have experienced amazing things in my career and I know in a few weeks when things are slower I will be craving the rush of these past 15 days.

The Discovery Ball was an amazing event!! It was like being in a fairy tale.  The Friday before (23rd) as I was installing the auction gallery artwork, I was walking behind a couple of people.  As they entered the gallery set up one looked at the other and said “Wow…this gallery is SO much better than last year!”.  Music to my ears!  I had accomplished what I had envisioned for this years artwork offerings.  The rest would be gravy for I knew if it was better than last year than surely people would purchase the artwork providing funding for cancer research and the like.  Success…..  Actually half of the artwork was purchased and the other half will be offered this summer at the ACS Skyline Soiree which information can be found at SkylineSoiree.  Please consider attending if you are the Chicago area for this event is a young urban professional event and a TON of fun.  It’s being held at the Harris Theater rooftop in Millenium Park in the loop.   I have to graciously thank the amazingly generous artists who all contributed to the success of this event’s gallery!  Unlike last year, this year’s gallery became a gathering place for people.  It was so exciting to see people congregate in the gallery and discuss the artwork along with a range of other topics.  Here’s a picture of the crowd from an upper balcony and a picture of people in the gallery…

Discovery Ball from above.

Discovery Ball Gallery

A week after the fairy tale event was my next opportunity.  I organized and curated an art sale that was being held as part of the TriCity Family Services Art of Giving first annual event.  This wine tasting / art sale was being held to raise money for TriCity to continue to provide counseling services for people who cannot afford it in the TriCity area of Batavia/Geneva/St. Charles in Illinois.  TCFS partnered with Water Street Studios and we were honored to have ten of their artists put their artwork on display with 30% of the sale proceeds being donated back to TCFS.  I too was able to include a painting.  We had over 100 people in attendance and I was even interviewed by the Daily Herald in a story about what I am hoping to make a career out of along with a connection to the event.  The article can be found HERE if you wish to read it.  We had some artwork sell…of course its never nearly enough.  🙂

So…during these past couple of weeks I’ve had the success of two events helping others, a published interview, and a painting in the Chicago Art Open.  Now if I can only sustain this….that’s what I’ll be working very hard on.

As a reflectionary note….thank you to anyone who has come to see my blog over this past year.  We are quickly coming up on my one year anniversary of my BFA graduation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I am so thankful to all who have been so supportive and given me an opportunity to make a difference or show what I am made of.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring…..

Until then I remain….artistically optimistic!