Canvassing Alaska!

So….I have never taken any professional photography instruction but I do have the eye of an artist.  With some help from amazing photographer friends, Debi and Sean, I acquired an amazing 100mm-400mm Canon lens through a rental service to accompany me to Alaska for two weeks.  I am forever in the debt of my amazing parents for designing a trip of a lifetime that I was able to enjoy with them.  If you will indulge me, I would love very much to share my adventure with all my readers.  Each post will showcase a stop on our journey…..let’s begin with Anchorage!

We arrived in Anchorage on June 30th of this year.  It was only a mere 9 days after the Summer Solstice and longest day of the year.  Anyone who knows me, really KNOWS me, will know that my least favorite day of the year is June 21st.  While most celebrate it being the longest day….for me it’s the end of long days filled with sunshine and the beginning of the descent into the darkness of winter.  Conversely, December 21 is…yep… my FAVORITE day because summer is on its speedy way!  Okay…I digress…we arrived June 30th and the days were ridiculously long. How excited we were to see the following images from our airplane window!

Alaska on Approach

Alaska on Approach3


We were in Anchorage for not even a day…really just a dinner and breakfast before we were departing for the Princess McKinley Lodge.  Anchorage is full of down to earth active people during the summer months!  We met a pilot who was just idling at a bench near the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail along the mudflats.  We decided to have a walk ourselves and were plenty warned to not walk out onto the mudflats although you’d like to because they are flat and mud and they call to you for walking upon. However, the tide will eventually roll in and when it does it comes very quick and has left many a person stranded out there.




Along the trails I saw the most peculiar birch tree. There were so many birch trees in Alaska…who knew?



There were also beautiful leaves and I’m not sure what it belonged to as I left my tree and shrub books at home.


Alaska is also riddled with lupines!  I have tried to grow these in the midwest year after year with little luck. I loved seeing these along side of the road, in fields, along trails…


We also saw this ingenious bike rental place…working out of what looks like a train car.


After dinner that night, three of us headed to find a bar to exhale and enjoy the perpetual daylight!  We stopped in the Pioneer Bar to have fun with the locals. After a while the bar was rather empty but it still looked like it was 6pm. I looked down at my watch and realized it was quite late and we had an early morning!  Yikes! This photograph is taken just after 9pm.


We ran into a couple of sentries on the way back to the hotel!


My most favorite thing about Anchorage was the way daylight hung around. My first night in Alaska was not restful as I felt utterly compelled to photograph outside of my hotel room all night long!  The first photo was 11:30pm…the second is 1:30am…and the sunlight on the Chugach mountain range is from 4:30am.




 It never really got dark and boy the mountains were just glorious!


This morning’s shot was indication that we would have amazing memories to make on this trip…and a bus to catch quick!  Next stop: McKinley!