The “value” of insomnia…

Lately I’ve been the proud owner of a stubborn case of insomnia.  I don’t dare complain about it as it’s really one of those good sort of problems to have.  I have been busy with my new venture of curating/organizing these charitable auction galleries and my schedule has been somewhat eclectic and random.  I am used to being in control of the things in my world and this randomness has been playing havoc with my psyche….in a good way.  But as always, I am spending time on peripheral circumstances and not the point I was trying to make.

So…without further adieu…I’ll get on topic.  My insomnia has me waking up around 3am each morning.  It starts with an occasional shift from side to side but by 4am my conscious brain has caught up with the large intuitive Rolodex spinning in my mind and then the fun begins.  I start to think of all the things I have to do that day and start to pre-plan my travels.  I’m also one of those people who has to have a “pre-rehearsal” of the day’s conversations so I feel like I’m ready.  Well, the next thing I know it’s 6am and Aurora begins to work her magic across the sky.  This is where it gets good….

You see from 6am’ish to about 6:45am there is something magical that takes place in my bedroom.  The colors of my abode are butter yellow, steel-blue, with various wood tones and metals.  But during those magical 45 minutes…everything is measured by value alone…no hues…no saturation of color…no atmospheric perspective.  Just value.  The copper mirror is a dark blue grey on the buttery yellow wall that appears light blue grey.  The white mirror is a very light blue grey just like the white linen lampshades that dangle nervously from the high arched dark steel looking arms.  It really is magical and I wonder if that’s what fascinated Mark Tansey as I think of his monochromatic paintings when I experience this.
But after those 45 minutes, or so, the sunlight starts to skew the pigment atoms in my world and it all comes into colorful view so quickly; almost as quickly as the sun sets on the horizon.  Then my blue grey walls turn yellow, my mirrors become copper and white again, and the brown wood tones come into warmth and no longer shades of cool blue.  Just a thought if you’re ever awake when it’s too early to get up.

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