I was going to originally write how about how poor Picasso cannot keep his paintings from being ripped accidentally…first there was Steve Wynn who accidentally stuck his elbow through a $139 million painting in 2006 and more recently a woman who lost her balance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and fell into “The Actor”.  I guess stuff happens, but instead I wanted to focus on how stuff “happens”….

If you are my friend Suzi Amedeo, then please quit reading now as this blog contains a *spoiler alert*. 

Last weekend I lost a 13-year-old chocolate lab friend/protector/cheerleader named Riley.  He was my friend Suzi’s dog but has lived across the street from me for about 8 years.  Each day I would come home from my “journey” wherever and be greeted with a low yet audible woof from across the street.  Suzi’s house is situated so that I could never see Riley’s face in the window, but that acknowledging signal was there each time I left, I returned, or if I was just painting outside. 

Whenever Bill or Suzi would take Riley for a walk and I was visible anywhere he would pull them over to my house or wherever I was located.  He even pulled down a bookcase in the garage that his leash was attached to when I walked up their driveway for a visit.  He was a one-of-a-kind and thank you for indulging me to go on and on about him.  But his story is not the reason for this entry. 

I wanted to get a gift for Suzi that would help her keep Riley near by. So I found on Etsy (never shopped on the site before) a woman who makes medallion necklaces in silver focused on the subject of pets.  She goes under the shop name of gooseberrystudio.  Here’s where it gets good.  Her name…also Suzi.  While her dog was not a chocolate lab (that would have been too weird), it was a golden retriever AND 13 years old when it had to be put to sleep.  Etsy-Suzi has artistic daughters, one in school and one working professionally in the arts…and I just found out Etsy-Suzi has a mother living in the same town as my mother…way out west. 

I am finding this happening more often with my increased focus in creativity.  I am imagining that we’re all connected somehow, like blades of grass connected to their rhizomes.  I don’t know if it is because I’m opening myself up to these nuances of relationships…or perhaps it has something to do with globalization and online networking.  I would like to believe the former with a nod to the latter.

Regardless, I hope everyone will just make themselves more open to these chance meetings and enjoy the “journey” they take.

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