“Enjoy” the holidays…

Happy Holidays!
I just wanted to send holiday greetings to everyone this week.  I would like to self-indulgently thank everyone who has stopped by to read my journey so far and especially to all the artists who have given me encouragement or left comments.  Thanks mostly to Debi Adams for keeping me “real”…
I hope, wherever you are, that you stop….really just stop at random moments and take in all that is going on around you.  I mean the little things like the randomness of the pattern in which snowflakes are falling (up here) and notice the atmospheric perspective that occurs between the snow falling up close and the snowfall at a distance.  Listen…..hear all the sounds of the moment and feel the turning of the world around you.
For me the end of the year always brings reflection along with a need to finish things I have started with a need to organize my life to start anew.  I won’t be back on this blog until January 4th, but I will be back with many new things and many more opportunities.
So, have a wonderful holiday season everyone….and try to make yourself a real participant by stopping for moments and just being….

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