Exotic art or artistic exo?

Just as the Bangles proclaimed “It’s just another manic Monday…I wish it were a Sunday…’Cause that’s my funday…My I don’t have to runday……..

Yesterday got completely by me.  I’m thankful to be so busy, but sad that I didn’t have a chance to update this for all who read it.  This week’s curiosity for me is the idea of art and the exotic.  I spent the past week really focused on how I was observing and perceiving artwork that I saw.  I went to this FABULOUS gallery that everyone should run to see.  The gallery is called Simply Chicago Art and is owned and managed by Mary Berg.  I was introduced to Mary by an artist named Patricia Beauchamp who is generously donating a piece of her artwork for the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Ball.  Patricia understood an added opportunity to display the artists and their generously donated work for the event and made the connection between Mary and I.  So I went to the gallery on Saturday.  Mary is currently exhibiting artwork from 40 artists…ranging from the small to the grand.  The gallery is located at 1318 Oakton Street, Evanston (near the intersection of Oakton and Asbury.  Mary has new artwork on display every 4 weeks.  But I digress…

In looking at the artwork she had exhibited; I noticed that I was more drawn to things that I haven’t seen before.  There were some beautiful fabric art pieces using innovative stitching patterns and barely readable text on the patterned fabric.  I tried to discern what was the most basic attraction I had to these pieces and then take a wider stance to all the artwork that I am attracted to.  What I discovered, for myself, is that I find art to be located in the exotic.  The American Heritage Dictionary defines exotic as “Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange…”.   I don’t necessarily feel as though only things I haven’t seen before are “art”, but instead I feel that I can find “exotic” moments in all art.

What do you think?  Can art be found in the common everyday?  Or can it be seen in the mundane?  Feedback about this please as I am not sure what to make of it.

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