Call for Artists – 2010 American Cancer Society’s Discovery Ball

I have been given an amazing opportunity to curate a silent auction of donated artwork at the 4th annual American Cancer Society’s Discovery Ball to be held in April at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago.

Over the last 3 years the event has grown to over 1100 attendees in 2009, raising more than $2million dollars in one evening to aid in the elimination of cancer. I would like to ask everyone who is a cancer survivor or friend of a cancer survivor or family member of a cancer survivor or anyone who has lost a loved one to this awful disease…to either donate a piece of work if you’re an artist or let me know if you know of any other artists who may be willing to do so.  Being a cancer survivor myself, I donate artwork each year for this event and had the time of my life attending last April.  Last year’s ball was emceed by Maria Bartiromo and we were entertained by Natalie Cole. The ball was chaired by amazing, strong, giving, and caring Chicago business leaders such as Glen Tilton of United Airlines, Mike McGrath of the McGrath auto groups, and Kim Duchossois who give their time, money, and talents to fight cancer.  For more information you can go to

There is an opportunity to place your business cards and postcards near the work. It’s a wonderful way to have your artwork seen by a bevy of art collectors displayed in the Lyric Opera House. I could sure use your help. Please email me at if you have any questions or are willing to participate. Thank you for helping me in this very important cause for me and so many others. You won’t be disappointed.

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